Arthritis Care: Treatment Strategies, Ways to Manage Costs + Top US Clinics for 2022


Struggling to manage arthritis costs? Looking for the best orthopedic clinic in the USA? We have prepared up-to-date solutions and prices for you. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with this article to understand your options better.

Briefly about the disease

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease that causes inflammation of the joints. It can also affect the skin and vital organs such as the eyes, lungs, and heart. This is an autoimmune condition, meaning that it develops when the immune system begins to attack one’s own joints and other organs for some unknown reason. This is mainly manifested by painful swelling of the joints. Over time, rheumatoid arthritis can lead to bone erosion. It can also lead to deformity of the joints, especially the fingers. Joints on both sides of the body are often affected. According to the Mayo Clinic, about 40% of patients with rheumatoid arthritis have problems with other organs in addition to joint pathology. Most often, rheumatoid arthritis in such cases affects the skin.

Rheumatoid arthritis develops when the connective tissue membranes of the joints (linings) attack the immune system. This lining is known as the synovial membrane. Over time, the membrane thickens. As a result, the cartilage of the bones becomes destroyed.

Symptoms of arthritis include swollen joints, joint pain, painful stiffness, fever, fatigue, weight loss.

The exact cause of rheumatoid arthritis has not yet been determined. Some doctors believe that genetic predisposition plays an important role. However, genetic predisposition can be a precipitating factor, meaning that a person with a predisposition may develop rheumatoid arthritis as a result of an infection or some kind of adverse environmental factor. In such cases, people can avoid developing rheumatoid arthritis by living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding infection.

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According to the Mayo Clinic, this condition is more common among women. It usually begins to appear between 40-60 years of age. Smoking and obesity place a person at risk.

Types of arthritis treatment

Prices for orthopedics and traumatology in 2022

Procedures Prices
Hip replacement $1,150 – $30,000
Knee Replacement $1,150 – $27,600
Knee arthroscopy $480 – $18,400
Stem cell treatment $250 – $30,700
Discectomy $1,750 – $28,600
Scoliosis surgery $6,000 – $66,400
Shoulder replacement $3,500 – $29,600
MRI of one area $50 – $1900
Arthroscopy $510 – $9,150

Note: Doctors calculate the cost individually for each patient. The price depends on the type of disease, complications, hospital’s reputation, and doctor’s experience. You’ll get the exact cost of arthritis treatment after medical tests and consultation with a doctor.

6 tips for managing arthritis care costs

  1. Patient assistance plans: Most companies that make biologics offer plans to help Americans who can’t afford them. These programs may cover copayments or offer the drugs at a discount or for free. To find out if the drug company that makes your biologic offers assistance, contact your health care provider or check the company’s website.
  2. State programs: Expensive treatments and medications can be obtained through the federal and state funded Medicaid program. But it is not available to everyone. The program has fairly strict criteria – this is a low income level, disability or a certain disease.’
  3. Payday loans: Sometimes people who are desperate to pay for urgent medical care take out payday loans. Payday loans are short term loans that are meant to cover emergency expenses such as medical bills. In most cases, such loans are issued online with no credit check s and no paperwork. Before you apply, make sure you have an active bank account and a stable income, which will allow you to repay the loan in a short time. The popularity of this product is growing every year as payday loans are easy to get, involve no collateral and can be used for whatever purpose. A payday loan to pay off your medical bill can often be the fastest way out of medical debt. One of the most affordable loan options for 2022 is here Whatever cost you are struggling with, payday loans are a good way to relieve financial stress caused by a medical bill. For example, if a medical expense isn’t covered by your insurance, or if you don’t have insurance, a loan can help you out.
  4. Use financial tools: You may pay for some qualifying medical expenses with pre-tax dollars and reduce your tax bill by taking advantage of financial tools. These include flexible spending or health saving accounts, health reimbursement arrangements, and medical tax deductions.
  5. Private foundations: Some organizations help people with low and moderate incomes afford their drugs. If you risk going without medications you need, your health care provider may know an organization that can help. So don’t be afraid to ask. NeedyMeds has information on 2,000+ drug assistance programs. The Partnership for Prescription Assistance and Rx Assist also can help you move in the right direction.
  6. Compare prices: Prices for medical procedures and drugs can vary widely depending on the provider, drugstore, location and whether you order by mail or from an online vendor. Big box stores offer a no-frills pharmacy experience that can save you cash. Publications like Consumer Reports do a good job of comparing drug prices at different retail and online vendors.
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Top 3 US orthopedic clinics with high patient ratings

Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic is the largest clinical complex in the United States and is a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of patients from all over the world. The hospital has a capacity of 1268 beds.

The clinic is accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facility (CARF). A children’s hospital was created on the basis of a medical institution. The medical center also acts as a training hospital for doctors.

Location: 9500 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44195, USA

University Medical Center at Princeton

University Medical Center at Princeton is a multispecialty hospital founded in 1919. The medical facility is located in New Jersey and has a capacity of 338 beds.

The hospital uses the latest technology to treat patients. The clinic works in the following areas: obstetrics, treatment of oncological and cardiovascular diseases.

Location: 1 Plainsboro Rd, Plainsboro Township, NJ 08536, USA

Johns Hopkins Hospital

The Johns Hopkins Hospital is located in Baltimore (Maryland, USA) and is considered the best hospital in the state.

The doctors of the hospital received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of restriction endonucleases, which gave rise to the development of genetic engineering.

In addition, the hospital made the discovery of three types of polio virus.

It was this clinic that became the site for the creation of many branches of medicine, including neurosurgery, urology, endocrinology, and pediatrics. The hospital is also known for its School of Nursing, where nurses are trained.

Location: 1800 Orleans St, Baltimore, MD 21287, USA

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