Joint Pain Causes

More than half of people over 40 experience joint pain on a regular basis. The pain may be caused by mechanical trauma, prolonged hypothermia, age-related changes in bone tissues, excessive physical exertion, viral / infectious diseases, genetic predisposition, bad habits, etc. Also, the appearance of pain in joints is facilitated by work in wet conditions, in the cold, etc.

Diseases that cause joint pain

Joint pain that occurs without an objective reason is called “arthralgia”. It can appear due to rheumatic, infectious, autoimmune, neurological diseases and a number of other causes. Many pathologies can manifest themselves as pain:

Separately, it should be said about drug arthralgia, which refers to temporary painful conditions. It, like the pathologies described above, manifests itself in severe pain in the joints, but its cause is the intake of certain medications: antibiotics, tranquilizers and some other groups. Especially often, such a complication is noted with a high dosage of drugs.

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